Cinnamon Cider Punch

Cinnamon Cider Punch

12 oz Aged rum* (adjust to group size)

20 oz Apple cider

10 oz Lemon juice

10 oz of Honey Water syrup

5 cinnamon sticks

2 pears sliced

This recipe is a simple punch built right in the punch bowl. Start with an empty punch bowl and begin to add your liquid ingredients.  Rum, apple Cider, lemon juice and Honey water syrup.

To make the honey water syrup, mix 10 oz of hot water with 10 oz of honey. Pregnant women should avoid raw honey.

Fill the remainder of the bowl with ice and then top with sliced pears and cinnamon sticks.

For an additional kick, infuse the rum with cinnamon sticks for 2 hours prior to mixing. You can use the whole cinnamon sticks as a garnish after they have infused into the rum.


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